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June 2020

Be Vegan is joining the Vegan World Alliance
Vegan World Alliance News, June 10th 2020

We are delighted to announce that Be Vegan, Belgium’s vegan association, is joining the Vegan World Alliance...

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Shut down animal agriculture to reduce pandemic risk
Vegan World Alliance News, June 9th 2020

The current coronavirus pandemic has been predicted for many years, with scientists stressing the link between human and animal health for decades. It is vital that the whole world acts now to phase out all uses of animals, especially animal agriculture. If we do nothing, the next pandemic may cross over to humans from farmed animals crowded together by the animal agriculture industry...

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Vegan World Alliance rejects ISO-23662
Vegan World Alliance News, June 7th 2020

The practice of astroturfing—hiding who is really behind the message—is being used by those who profit from the killing, torture, cruelty and harm of animals. Because of this, it’s imperative that the vegan community remains vigilant. We must, at all costs, prevent a situation where products and services are undeservedly labelled vegan, because that brings us no closer to achieving our vision than we are today...

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