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October 2023

Unintentional versus intentional actions
Vegan World Alliance News, October 12th 2023

There has been much debate over what constitutes “intentional” versus “unintentional” exploitation and what this means for human animals and other animal rights. Regarding killing within the human species, Pnevmatikos explains that intent is the mitigating factor in determining guilt in a court of law, specifically when killing in self-defence or accidentally...

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January 2023

New videos on veganism to foster change
Vegan World Alliance News, January 6th 2023

We have an ongoing mandate to evaluate how we exploit animals. In collaboration with our colleagues from the Vegan World Alliance, we are releasing a series of short videos that we hope will inspire reflection and provide additional incentive...

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October 2022

The precautionary principle
Vegan World Alliance News, October 15th 2022

The precautionary principle in veganism is a crucial pillar, and without it, veganism would crumble or become a mindless list of things we avoid without any reason or logic to help explain it. We are dedicating an entire article to this principle...

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September 2022

A call for Veganism on International Day of Non-Violence
Vegan World Alliance News, September 25th 2022

Mark October 2nd on your calendars and get ready to join us and vegans across the world as we mark the United Nations International Day of Non-Violence! Together we will voice and promote the non-violent principles of practising a vegan lifestyle...

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May 2022

Sharing our meme repository
Vegan World Alliance News, May 24th 2022

Our member, Vegan Society Aotearoa, designed on behalf of the Vegan World Alliance several memes that can be used freely. The memes can be used as is, without modification - except for the logo...

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