Celebrating veganism on World Vegan Burger Day


Celebrating veganism on World Vegan Burger Day

Vegan World Alliance News
May 11th 2021

Mark May 28th on your calendars and get ready to join us and vegans across the world as we celebrate veganism on World Vegan Burger Day!

We have chosen May 28th as the day to come together to recognize the benefits of switching from traditional meat-based burgers to flavourful and healthier vegan burgers.

Vegan World Alliance members have written numerous articles about the health issues that are part and parcel of the industry that exploits animals for food. In spite of this, we continue to see organizations and businesses encouraging people to consume carcinogenic group 1 and 2A substances (IARC Classification) in the form of traditional processed meat and red meat.

In addition to the severe health consequences of eating meat and dairy, many other problems surface as a result, such as pandemics and the destruction of our planet. It has long been unethical to support animal agriculture and our exploitation of animals, and we must strive to live by this code of ethics in the actions we take every day, including what we put on our plates.

Please join us on Facebook and Twitter for World Vegan Burger Day as we continue our work of educating the public with the information they need to make the best decisions for their health and that of our planet.