Vegan Impact joined the Vegan World Alliance

Vegan Impact joined the Vegan World Alliance

Vegan World Alliance News
July 20th 2020

We are delighted to announce that Vegan Impact, France's vegan association, has joined the Vegan World Alliance.

The primary goal for Vegan Impact is to advocate for veganism, and accordingly end the exploitation of animals. To achieve their mission, Vegan Impact focuses on three different axes: animals, health, and the environment. In particular, they encourage the general public to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Taking on a vegan way of life implies that one should not exploit animals, whether it is through the means of consuming food, purchasing clothes, selecting sources of entertainment, or making general choices surrounding products. Vegan Impact shares their vision for veganism with the Vegan World Alliance. As a united front, we will work towards ultimately putting an end to animal exploitation in all its forms.

In the business world, shareholders are active and demand efficiency, merger, and acquisition when appropriate. In contrast, within the charitable sector, donors are often too busy and the majority of our stakeholders are voiceless. Also, in the business world, there are laws to prevent the formation of a cartel, but these laws do not exist in the charitable sector. This is because we are working for the public good and not to maximize profit. Charitable organizations are allowed to freely form global alliances for the benefit of all, yet unfortunately, they do not do so often. On the other hand, for-profit corporations do so liberally, even though it can be illegal. The burden rests on us human animals to force ourselves to be as efficient, if not more so, than the organizations we denounce.

Vegan Impact, joins the alliance and along with our existing members will work to further our shared vision, mission and help us shape the future of veganism.

By welcoming one more organization to the Vegan World Alliance, we are taking another step forward towards accomplishing our goal of reducing fragmentation within the vegan sphere and increasing global cooperation. We want to use this opportunity to once again extend our invitation to join to other organizations that share our vision and our mission.