Launch of the Vegan World Alliance (VWA)

Launch of the Vegan World Alliance (VWA)

Vegan World Alliance News
Published August 26th 2019
Updated May 28th 2020

As a way to be a unified voice for the unheard, the following organizations have joined to form the Vegan World Alliance:

The Vegan World Alliance will reduce isolation in the vegan sphere, increase global cooperation and allow us to get better traction to achieve our goals.

Dutch Association for Veganism, Vegan Australia, Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand, and Vegan Society of Canada have come together to effectively address the worldwide challenges we are facing. The vegan future looks bright as we increase efficiency by sharing initiatives to fulfil our individual and collective missions.

For example, the Vegan World Alliance has begun work on drafting a standard with regards to foods suitable for vegans. Currently, there are a multitude of conflicting definitions, which create confusion for consumers and vegan food makers. In addition, in many countries there is no legal definition of the word vegan, which leaves the door open for certifications to be issued when indeed the product is not vegan.

Providing clarity around this issue and our involvement with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an important first step for vegans around the world.

As we continue to build the framework necessary for the Alliance, we invite others with a shared vision and mission to join us in shaping the future of veganism.

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